Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to 3066, Admiral!

Fleet Admiral 3066 [FA3066]is the working title for a set of miniature rules for massed space combat. It will place the player in the Admiral's Chair, maneuvering squadrons of fighters and capital ships into fleet actions. While single ships will be represented, the idea is to keep the player in the Admiral's chair, not the captain's or pilot's.

FA3066 will accomodate any set of space ship combat rules. For instance, you could fight a battle using the Babylon 5 combat rules by Mongoose Publishing, "A Call To Arms" [ACTA] or use the Star Wars combat rules by Wizards of the Coast "Starfleet Battles" [SB]. Since I have both, and am a fan of both, I'll be using them as prototypes for FA3066, demonstrating how they can be respresented into the rules.

FA3066 will also have its own rules for space ship creation, fleet organization, and ship-to-ship combat. This will be a secondary priority, however.

This site will also feature occasional posts concerning the collection of my fleets, painting, reviews, etc.

If you are interested in being a playtester for these rules, please contact me.

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