Monday, March 30, 2009

Class 3 Ships Arrive in Fleetworks!

My fleetworks has several Class 3 [C3] ships that have arrived [note: all Star Wars references are in WoC "Starfleet Battles" terms unless stated otherwise - Class 1 is Star Destroyer II class, Class 2 is Star Destroyer I, C3 are all mid-range ships from the Millenium Falcon to the larger freighters, and C4 are starfighters like the X-wing].

The Millenium Falcon is approx 1.3x1.6 cm in size, and is 1:5000 scale. I obtained mine from Studio Bergstrom for the whopping price of $1.70!

It is nicely detailed white metal, very solid and durable. I would rate this ship as a 9/10, deducting '1' for the underside not being very detailed. This seems purposeful, not sloppy, as it's meant to be looked at from above. The sides are fully detailed, however. I STRONGLY recommend purchasing this piece for your SW fleet. At this price, anyone who wants to play more 'in scale' with their WoC fleets must have it!

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